A series of prints featuring Cambridge buildings. Based on Simon Bor’s sketchbooks while at Cambridge School of Art in the seventies, as well as more recent drawings, many of these buildings have since been demolished, threatened with demolition or changed their use. There is a limited edition of each print and a book, collecting them together, can be found at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com. (Sizes shown are the dimensions of the printed area).

J Sainsbury Linocut 31x41cm
The Flying Pig Linocut 41x31cm
57-60 Bateman Street Linocut 62x25cm
The Bun Shop Linocut 42x30cm
Waffles Linocut 30x42cm
The Six Bells Linocut 15×20.5cm
Petty Cury Etching 37x23cm
Senate House Passage Etching 24x24cm
62 Bateman Street Linocut 30x20cm
The Malting House Woodcut 60x44cm